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LOCK it in your memory in record time and

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Exam Success Coaching For Professionals

Professional Memory Coaching

Designing Test Prep Materials for Professional Exams

Minimum 4 hours a month

Corporate Training

We customize the content and length of our programs based on your specific needs. I can be a personalized package, a single consultation for your business or a single coaching session or multiple sessions spread out over a few months.

To learn more, simply email me at or use the button below to book a free consultation.

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Exam Success Coaching For Professionals

Avoid the frustration of missing your dream position because you have to retake your exam.

  • Wondering HOW you are going to remember it all?

  • Feel like there's soo much to learn and wondering when you will be able to pass your exam?

  • Are you tired of studying nights and weekends, but still feel like you are running out of time?

There is an easier way... a better way to prepare for your exam!

You can work privately with Wendey to identify what is holding you back, then develop a personalized plan to overcome obstacles and quickly apply strategies to be on track to pass your exam.

Learn the best way to utilize the test prep materials you've purchased so you can save hours in your study preparation. This works whether you are struggling or simply looking to take your current performance to the next level.

These strategies will show you how to lock information into your memory so you can quickly and confidently recall key information during your exam and on the job.

They strategies are based on neuroscience and cognitive psychology research on the science of HOW we learn best.

When you have a strategic plan in place to pace yourself for your exam you will feel in control of your success.

Professional Memory Coaching

As a professional, there are times when you need to quickly learn key information and confidently recall it.

There is no room for error or stumbling for details.

When you want to express yourself with poise and confidence in record time you need to know HOW to apply the most effective memorization strategies.

I will look over any material you need to memorize and

  • teach you how to apply key strategies

  • so you can quickly and confidently recall key information when you need it

  • provide a detailed plan to make it happen based on your timeline

  • save you hours learning now and in the future

Strategies and are based on neuroscience and cognitive psychology research on how we learn.

Designing Test Prep Materials for

Professional Exams

Working professionals are are counting on your course materials to pass their exams the first time. They want a test-prep course that is proven to get results.

They are busy professionals with demanding careers that can't be put on hold because they have to retake their exams.

They don't want to spend every spare minute outside of work prepping for their exam.

They want training materials that make complex material easy to understand and easy to remember when they need it during the exam and on the job.

  • Your course content has been beautifully designed... but is the content presented to your customers designed so they can learn it faster and remember it longer?

  • Does your material stand out above the competition?

  • How much of your course is designed based on neuroscience and cognitive psychology research?

When your clients learn faster and remember more... their exam scores will improve and you will become the test prep company that is the preferred provider in your industry.

When your clients have the highest scores and rave about how quickly they learn from your course, you will continue to gain more market share every year.

I review any or all course content and material, making sure it is optimized to make learning faster and easier.

After my evaluation, I provide recommendations you can choose to implement with your in-house team or I can help your team implement critical strategies based on your timeline.

Corporate Training

Training shouldn’t be painful.  But many times it is.

Your employees need to quickly learn key information and confidently recall it.  Let’s banish another boring and useless training session, using up their workday trying to learn something new that is not effectively delivered.

Company training time is valuable.  It needs to be successfully used to build the business, increase sales and drive confidence in your product or service.

We can make it faster and easier for your employees to recall information, whether that requires designing new course materials or simple modifications to existing ones. We will:

  • Look over any material you need to memorize and teach you the key strategies to memorize it, along with a detailed plan/timeline to make it happen.

  • Review any content and make recommendations to match the outcomes you desire

  • Employee training sessions should be engaging and a valuable learning opportunity to better themselves personally and professionally.

  • Help you make a difference in your employees' lives. If employees need to pass professional exams, they will learn how to study effectively and pass the exam in record time

  • Even better, they will be able to recall this information after the test so they can apply it accurately on the job.

The big idea here is learning proven strategies about memorizing and recalling information.  The end result is increased productivity and ability to confidently execute in all B2B or B2C relationships.

We can design training materials or provide live training for your staff training or conference. 

We are happy to work privately with individuals or with teams.

Let’s apply proven memorization strategies to ‘learn how to learnAND confidently recall information… with ease!


“.... kept me going and inspired me to demand even more of myself and not settle for anything less than 100%.

... Mrs. Wendey Laser greatly impacted my journey to a college degree, kept me going, and inspired me to demand even more of myself and not settle for anything less than 100%.

She is a firecracker of enthusiasm that one cannot help but be encouraged by. Soundly versed as an instructor, Mrs. Laser could very well dictate out the materials being taught and move on, having met each and every prerequisite required. However, that would fall far short of what she is. Mrs. Laser is a mother to each of her students, measuring out the exact portion of what each of them needs to not only keep the fire going within themselves but how to become self-sustaining.

With the skills Wendey taught me and her support I was able to overcome the overwhelming task that laid before me in transitioning from the U.S. Marine Corps to college, and I am still here today growing.

Thank you,



OSU Freshman

Nominated me for the

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