Taking the mystery out of how to  excel in high school and college!

The number one goal I have when I work with high school and college students is to elevate their success and confidence in every class they take
My passion is  to   STOP    the cycle of frustration and stress students feel trying to figure out how to get or maintain the grades they  want on their own. 

Unfortunately, students are usually   told  "what to"   learn   but   not shown    "how to" learn
Learning "how to" learn starts with understanding how your brain learns best. Then you can easily decide which strategies, tools or techniques to apply. 
You also learn how to be actively engaged while you study, which increases your awareness - in "real time" - what you know versus what you don't know

This insight allows you to plan highly productive study sessions so you know when you are ready for the test.

Every student deserves the opportunity to learn how to study efficiently and effectively

A key component that help students prioritize how they spend their time and increase their productivity is establishing routines and habits
That success provides the spark of confidence which helps them continue to take purposeful action. 

It gets even better, because increased confidence naturally leads to higher motivation !

Once students know what to do to be  successful... they can choose success.

The secret is taking the first step!
Opportunities to elevate your success...
 The Getting Laser Focused    programs guide    you in building the skills you need to thrive - both in your academic classes and in your personal time

   Want help  with with challenging course content and the fast pace of college life?     

 You don't have to figure it out all on your own. Get started today and  find a new way, an  better    way so you have time  for fun!

 How does getting a jumpstart on success sound?  

You don't have to wait until you are in college!! You can join while your in high school

 Starting  sooner enables you more time to master these skills and have an easier transition to college. High school students  love it too! 

The  most important part is starting!!   
Jumpstart Student success System
A 6-week course lays the foundation for the academic success needed to jumpstart your ability to study smarter, not harder or longer. 

You will learn new strategies, tools, techniques that every high school and college student needs to learn and remember more in less time.

You will implement habits and routines to increase your productivity and get work done on time (or even in advance!).

As you implement what you are learning you will naturally build confidence. 

You will get results with less stress.
This program is an extension of the core foundations in the Jumpstart Student Success System.  It increases your ability and confidence to tackle hard classes. You will get routines and habits firmly in place to get things done.

You receive an additional 6 weeks of recorded course content plus access to interactive weekly coaching calls. 

It is perfect for students looking to further develop their skills so they can continue to elevate their success.

The Jumpstart Student Success System modules should be completed before you start.  Join the Wait List to be the first to know launch details.
This personalized guidance is specifically designed to meet the individual needs of your junior high, high school or college student. 

I work 1-on-1 with students, developing their ability to learn and remember more in less time. They also learn how to put systems, habits and routines in place to get things done and measure progress. This works for any student, whether they are struggling or simply looking to take current performance to the next level. 

Content and length of the program is customized, generally ranging from 6 to 18 weeks.  Simply send me an email letting me know you are interested; there is no charge for the first call.

Here's My Background:

Here's My Background

Education and Experience

  • Masters in Education with a total of 25+ years of teaching experience.
  • 12 years as an instructor at The Ohio State University in the Educational Psychology Department. I taught courses designed to help students optimize their success in college.

Interesting Facts

  • I can relate! I struggled to consistently achieve  high grades without stress and overwhelm as a freshman and sophomore in college.
  • ​I  persevered to become a master student and completed my master's  degree in less than a year with a 4.0.
  • ​Former member of National Ski Patrol.
  • ​Completed my first 100-mile bike ride 2 years after  beating breast cancer. 
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