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Hi Wendey,

I wanted to share what a huge impact you made on my success in college.

In class you emphasize focusing on progress one step at a time and becoming stronger every week. Well I had a long way to go! In high school I had a 2.7 GPA and a 19 on the ACT. To be honest I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get good enough grades in college to graduate.

Luckily, I had your class my first semester in college. You’re the first teacher that ever actually taught me the specific steps of how to study for every class. I knew exactly how to take action when you explained things. If I didn’t take your class, I would’ve had no idea how to manage my time, prepare for tests, study and complete work in advance and be a highly successful student.

If students think they don’t have time to learn from you then they don’t understand how much you can help them. I learned to thrive and really understand material in less time. That made studying bearable and cut my study time in half and I learned so much more!

Using what you taught me I was able to thrive my first semester in college and was on the Dean’s List every semester my entire collegiate career. I’ll be graduating this May. I never even dreamed it was possible before you showed me exactly how to make it happen. Thanks to your help I earned over $30,000 dollars in scholarship money for my grades. Seriously!! My family is so proud of me. My grandma said she never knew someone who got paid to go to college.

I think everyone should be able to learn what you teach and have the chance to get the results and confidence that I did.

Thanks for being passionate about my success.

- Hallee B.

Hi Wendey,

I wanted to let you know how much you helped me prepare for college. I remember coming to the realization that I would be screwed my freshman year in college if I didn’t get more efficient both in and out of class. I told my parents I needed help preparing for college and they found you, the Academic Success Coach I needed. I like that you are always energetic. You make sessions fun.

Since I have been working with you and using the skills you taught me, I exceled in the college classes I took this year. I am more focused and know lots of ways to easily remember things when I study. Now I can recall information easily where I used to struggle to remember information on tests.

You’re the first person to be enthusiastic about my success in school. It really was encouraging and helped me stay motivated.

You also helped me not feel overwhelmed and keep a positive attitude. The new ways you taught me to study motivated me. I find it easy to want to get my work done because now I can do a great job in less time. I’ve also learned it’s great to just get my work over with so I can do what I want to do. 

I used to stumble through my work but after working with you I know so many ways to effectively get it done. When I have to read boring textbooks, time goes faster because you taught me how to engage with the textbook and I learn much more while I’m reading

I treated Algebra II as a blow off and had trouble staying focused until you taught me some strategies to make studying math easier.

During class I am much better at focusing on what the teacher said. Now I know how to process the information and pull out the important parts and easily identify possible test questions.

After learning how to get laser focused, I’m confident and in control of my time. I feel prepared for college this fall and am looking forward to it!

Thanks again,

- Ethan H.

Since my 8th grade year I have had all A’s and I am going into my third year in college with a 4.0. While it is an accomplishment and something that I am proud of, it did not come easy to me.  

My high school years and first semester of college was filled with sleepless nights, anxiety, and low motivation. My main form of studying was all-nighters and cramming. While I still maintained a 4.0 following these bad study habits, they were negatively affecting my health. 

I did not know the proper way to study because it was something I had not been taught until my second semester in college. I started to take a class taught by Wendey Laser that ended up changing not only my study habits, but my health as well.

Wendey taught my class so many healthy and strong study habits. Whether it was active recall or her always telling us, “neurons that fire together, wire together”, every bit of information or technique that she taught us helped me greatly. 

I took a 6-week intro to Psychology class the summer after my sophomore year, which was nerve-wracking because it is a full semester long class crammed into 6 short weeks. The old me would have just procrastinated and crammed, which would not have gotten me a good grade. However, after taking a class with Wendey, I took what I learned from her and applied it to the class. I studied my materiel every day, even if it was just looking at it for five minutes, I annotated my book and organized notes, I also created weekly calendars so that way I could have set times to work on the class and study while separating my work load. I ended the class with almost a 100% which I credit to the techniques and habits that Wendey taught. She taught us how important it is to not only understand what we are learning and studying, but also to retain the information.

I have used all of these techniques in my other classes since then, and so I have been able to maintain my 4.0 and feel so much more confident. I could even see my improvement while I was taking the class.

Wendey Laser taught me so much that I am able to carry with me for not only my college years but for my career and really the rest of my life as well.

Honestly, I started her class not sure if I would gain anything from it and looking back, I was completely wrong. I know now how horrible my study habits were and how hard of a time I would’ve had in the past year of college had it not been for Wendey. 

She is not only passionate about her job but also about her students. She pushed us to do our best and shared excitement for our successes. I will always recommend Wendey because of how much she helped me and other students change not only our study habits, but also our lives.

- Emily R. 

For a lot of kids, the studying and planning skills required to succeed in school are more challenging than learning the actual course content, but these skills are almost never taught in traditional classrooms. 

That’s where Wendy comes in. She’s super friendly and does her best to personalize sessions to each client's individual strengths and weaknesses. She taught me how to organize a running list and a planner, which was incredibly helpful for juggling assignments from AP and college classes and avoiding overwhelm. She also showed me how to preview and mark up a textbook in order to aid with retention and understanding. No matter who you are or what your goals are, there’s something Wendy can teach you

- Elizabeth M.

I worked with Wendey a few years ago, just as I began my collegiate journey, to help me develop the necessary skills to succeed in college and beyond.

I am a first generation college student and only child, meaning I had nobody to look up to in this aspect of life. Before working with Wendey, I had no direction as to how to study, no effective time management skills, and no clear and constructed organizational skills. 

Wendey took time to meet me where I was in my skill set, and constructed her teaching around my needs. 

She delivered help, direction and taught me what I needed to be successful in college that has stuck with me throughout the years. I am able to look back and apply  concepts to my personal and professional life. 

Moreover, Wendey gave me an amazing foundation to lay my education on and I am extremely grateful I decided to look to Wendey for that."

- Katelyn C.
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